Golden Spoon Award of National Top Ten

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Huang Xiaobo delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer. He pointed
out that the Bay Area economy is a new highlight of the world economic
map. The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area has rich innovation
factors, mature capital markets and a complete industrial system, which
will surely become a highland for financial technology and industrial
innovation. With the planning outline for Greater Bay Area coming out
soon, the forum themed on “science and technology, finance, industrial
integration” is just at the right time to be convened.

First-class International Judge

The afternoon forum was hosted by Wang Tinghui, and four top Chinese and
foreign scholars held an ideological confrontation on the theme of
“Financial Science and Technology Industry Integration and Promoting
Economic Development in the Bay Area”. Shahina Waheed, the National
Project Coordination Officer from United Nations Industrial Development
Organization , cited Pakistan’s practice as an exploration pattern, and
proposed to utilize the clean technology innovation to lead the economic
growth, around the innovation and entrepreneurship of regional clean
technology construction. Ye Zhen, Professor of finance, from Coventry
University London, gave a speech on the theme of “Financial Clustering,
Innovation Incentives”. Nigel de Bussy, vice president of Curtin
University, Perth, Western Australia and also dean of the Business
School of Curtin University, emphasized the importance of building local


Yu Haifeng proposed to build an innovative ecosystem in Guangdong-Hong
Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and build an innovative community. He
pointed out that the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area has
already the basic conditions for building an innovative ecosystem, but
at the same time it faces the challenges of uneven distribution of
innovative resources in the region, lack of coordination and waste of
resources, and large differences in the systems of Guangdong, Hong Kong
and Macao, which hinder the flow of innovation factors. In this regard,
he proposed to promote the deep integration of industry, academia and
research, innovation and technology together to enhance efficiency, give
full play to the main position of science and technology enterprises in
the Bay Area in innovation, accelerate the construction of a globally
competitive team of innovative talents and break down administrative
barriers, and eliminate the contradiction between regional integration
and stimulate innovation.

Individual Honors:

Chen Yunxian, the former vice governor of Guangdong Provincial
Government and the chairman of Guangdong Provincial Financial Experts
Advisory Committee; Chen Zhiying, member of the Standing Committee of
Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and the executive vice mayor of
Guangzhou; Liang Jianguo, member of Party Committee of the Financial
Affairs Office of Guangdong Provincial Government; Qiu Yitong, director
of the Bureau of Financial Affairs of Guangzhou; Huang Xiaobo, secretary
of Party Committee of Guangdong University of Finance and Economics; Yu
Haifeng, president of Guangdong University of Finance and Economics,
Wang Tinghui and Zou Xinyue, both vice presidents of Guangdong
University of Finance and Economics, attended the forum.


Chen Zhiying delivered a speech. He pointed out that the Bay Area
economy, as an important coastal economic form, is a prominent highlight
of today’s international economic map and a prominent symbol of the
world’s leading coastal cities. Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay
Area aims to promote the deep cooperation between the nine cities in the
Pearl River Delta of Guangdong and Hong Kong and Macao, and promote the
integration of the region, to create a world-class Greater Bay area with
coordinated development and connectivity. As the capital city of
Guangdong Province, as well as the core city of Guangdong-Hong
Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, Guangzhou will further explore and make
full use of resources in the construction of the Guangdong-Hong
Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, take the lead in the reform and innovation
of Greater Bay Area with the city’s humanistic spirit of openness,
tolerance, enthusiasm, and truth-seeking, enhance the city’s cohesive
and radiation power, and promote the coordinated development of the
urban agglomerations of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.


The round table meeting was hosted by Ye zhen, in which experts
discussed around “The Financial, Science and Technology Industry
Integration Development in the Greater Bay Area”. Zou Xinyue analyzed
how to make different cities in Guangdong-Hong Kong and Macau Greater
Bay Area play their respective roles according to their own
characteristics He believes that Greater Bay Area should consolidate
Hong Kong’s status, regulate the development of Macau’s gaming industry,
strengthen Shenzhen’s core role, and integrate the rising Guangzhou
trade industry. He pointed out that Greater Bay Area bears the mission
of building a strong country, which also needs to attach great
importance to the risks precautions in the process of institutional
reform, technological innovation, and financial openness.

与世界御厨杨贯一大师亲切合影                 与香港食神教父戴龙在一起

Under the guidance of the Finance Office of Guangdong Provincial
Government and the Bureau of Financial Affairs of Guangzhou, Guangdong
University of Finance and Economics hosted the “2018 International Forum
of the Bay Area Economic Development” on June 23rd 2018, at the 7th
China (Guangzhou) International Finance Expo. With the theme of “Global
Dialogue on the World Bay”, the international forum invites UN experts
and top scholars studying the world’s Bay Area economy to explore the
development trend of the World Bay Area, the economic development of
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and jointly grasp the future
Economic direction of the Bay Area.

Chinese Delicacies Ambassador

The First Forum of the Great Bay of Economic Development was held by
Guangdong University of Finance and Economics on Nov. 21st 2017.

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Diet Emperor of Asia-Pacific

Zhang Yuyan, director of the Institute of World Politics and Economics
of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said about the advantages and
difficulties faced by the current construction of the Greater Bay Area,
and proposed that the multi-pronged approach from the perspective of
artifacts, systems, currencies and ideas should be implemented to
promote the economic construction of the Greater Bay Area. Harald Hau,
Professor of finance, from the Finance Institute at the University of
Geneva, Switzerland, shared his research on credit issues in China’s
financial markets and talked about the impact of today’s financial
science and technology on China’s credit market. Chen Yunxian expounded
his thoughts on the financial development of Greater Bay Area, and
pointed out that we should explore key breakthrough areas, establish and
improve offshore onshore special accounts and propose the concept of

Shi Xiaozhong was born in October 1971, and in
Haifeng of Shanwei City,Guangdong. He is the founder of Hong
Kong Zhongge Delicate Haifeng Cuisine. He has been serving senior
business and resort hotel 20 years since he works in Chinese food and
catering management. He takes care of and receives national important
leaders and Hong Kong movie stars many a time, and is highly appreciated
for his products and management by them. He helps the hotels win many
gold medals at home and abroad. He is named Good Manager and Advanced
Model of Work repeatedly. There are several papers about cuisine written
by him on national professional publication. He used to be a consultant
for Shenzhen Chef Catalog which was published by Shenzhen Haitian Press.
His experience was recorded in Classic Shenzhen and Honor Shenzhen,
which were memorial literature for 25th anniversary of the establishment
of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. The two books were published in 2000
and in 2005.And in 2006, another two books published his story, which
were Chinese Famous dishes and Guangdong Celebrity. He was invited as an
adviser of the Diet Service Development Centre of SASAC in 2008. And he
was elected as the Executive Director-General of Asian Council of World
Hotel Association and the Senior Expert of World Hotel Brand Research
Center in 2009.

Following the first International Forum of the Bay Area Economic
Development held successfully last year, Guangdong University of Finance
and Economics held the 2nd International Forum of the Bay Area Economic
Development and established a dialogue platform between the
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area and the International Bay
Area, opening up a new way of global exchange and cooperation in the
economic development of the Bay Area. He hoped that the convening of
this forum will further bring together the world’s top wisdom and
agglomeration of essential resources to jointly promote the pace of
innovation and development in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area
and promote the rapid development of various economic entities in the
Bay Area. He said that GDUFE (short for Guangdong University of Finance
and Economics) will take the meeting as an opportunity to improve the
core competitiveness and influence of the school and better serve the
economic construction of Greater Bay Area.


The morning forum was hosted by Huang Qingan, dean of the International
Business School of GDUFE. Anders Johnson, chief of the innovation policy
section of the Economic cooperation and trade division of the United
Nations Economic Commission for Europe explained the current trend of
hyper global and trans-localization of the economy, on the theme of the
sustainable economic development of Asia and proposed that the
Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area will not only have great
significance to China’s economic development, but also have a profound
impact on Asia and even the world.

Bureau Bailliage of Chaine Des Rotisseurs

At the forum, Liu Lou, deputy director of the Guangdong Regional
Management Innovation Research Center, introduced the “Guangdong-Hong
Kong and Macau Greater Bay Area Research Report”. The report, which will
be completed in this September, includes the enlightenment of other Bay
Areas in the world to the Guangdong-Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay
Area, the problems faced by Guangdong-Hong Kong and Macau Greater Bay
Area construction, and the corresponding development strategies and

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The first forum had invited Prof. Sargent, the Nobel Prize winner to
make the keynote speech, which had attracted more than 4,000 attendees
from China and generated a wide-reaching impact. The Forum will be held
every year, which will welcome famous experts from all over the world.


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Federal International Hotel Agencies Produced

Chinese Culinary Arts Master



International Catering Association Chairman  

Shenzhen Industry Expert Committee Member

The Famous Chif of Guangdong,Hong Kong and


National Yan Shark Expert

MBA International Hotel and Catering Management
Academic Medal

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Blue Ribbon Medal of Chaine Des Rotisseurs


Shenzhen Procurement
Center Expert




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